George Clooney, 59, the director/producer/star of Netflix’s The Midnight Sky and AARP’s 2020 Movies for Grownups Career Achievement Award winner, is an ambitious, serious-minded jokester with a knowing twinkle in his eye and looks that just seem to be improving with age. As an actor, he’s gone supernova from an early, eye-catching role on a network hit show in the 1990s to some of the biggest films of the decades following.

But what have been his 10 best roles (so far)? Count them down, from Doug Ross to Michael Clayton, and let us know your number one Clooney role in the comments, below!

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10. ER (1994)

A guy’s gotta start somewhere. Like icon Denzel Washington, Clooney gained fan traction playing a doc in the medical drama — as the easy-to-forgive serial dater pediatrician Dr. Doug Ross. Long before streaming became a thing, when network TV was rarely “must-see,” Clooney helped make this ER a destination — in a good way.

Watch it here: ER, on Hulu


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