Fashion designer Norma Kamali

1. Go Low

When I started working from home last March, I thought, I really don’t want to put shoes on. Now I wear slides and socks to work. This is my uniform.

2. Start Over

To stay relevant, you have to be willing to change. I’ve just retooled my whole company and even put together a new category of clothing called day pajamas, for people working from home.

3. Mask Up

When the pandemic ends, things won’t go back to the way they were. I get allergies in May and September, but I didn’t have them last year, because I was wearing a mask. Guess who’s going to wear a mask in May and September from now on?

4. Go Fast

Intermittent fasting — for example, going 12 or 14 hours without eating — helps my body function better. You’re giving your body time to rest and repair itself.

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“Being flexible is critical for both the body and the mind. When you’re flexible, you’re able to adjust to new challenges. When you’re inflexible, you break.”—Norma Kamali, 75

5. Plan Your Z’s

A good night’s sleep is the most invigorating thing. You look better, you feel better, your brain works better.

6. Plan Ahead

If I’d had a handbook when I was younger on what to expect from life, I would have been so grateful. So I decided to write one: I Am Invincible. Twenty-year-olds who read the book will get a big view ahead, and I hope the 75-year-olds who read it will see that they have power, they have promise — how cool is that?

7. Bide Your Time

I married and divorced young. For years, I thought romantic love was for other people. Then at 65, I met my soul mate, and now we’re engaged. I would not have been ready for this person earlier in my life. So if you’re looking for a partner, be kind to yourself. Maybe, like me, your schedule is different. 

—As told to Margaret Guroff

Pioneering fashion designer Norma Kamali is the author of the new book I Am Invincible.


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